dematerialize de‧ma‧te‧ri‧a‧lize [ˌdiːməˈtɪəriəlaɪz ǁ -ˈtɪr-] also dematerialise verb [transitive]
FINANCE in trading shares, bonds etc, to change from a system based on Certificates (= official documents showing ownership) to paperless (= where records of ownership are kept on computer):

• The government is encouraging all investors to dematerialize their shares.

— dematerialization also dematerialisation noun [uncountable] :

• Paper-based registered shares not submitted to the Company for dematerialization will be sold through the Athens Exchange.

* * *

dematerialize UK US (UK ALSO dematerialise) /ˌdiːməˈtɪəriəlaɪz/ verb [T] STOCK MARKET, FINANCE
to replace certificates (= paper documents) by a system in which shares, etc. are bought, sold, and stored electronically: »

The investor can dematerialize only those certificates that are already registered in his name.

dematerialization (UK ALSO dematerialisation) noun [U]

the dematerialization of securities

dematerialized (UK ALSO dematerialised) adjective

An investor has the option to hold shares either in physical or in dematerialized form.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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